Netherlands, Amsterdam

Renda---888-님의 주요 정보

신장6' - 6'3" [185센티미터 - 195센티미터]
무게200 - 225 파운드 [90 - 100 킬로그램]
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ooh damn armpits i like... i lick em even 3 weeks unwashed haha..
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i am fat old and ugly.. TyRENDAsaurus from jurassic park haha..
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thank you all ladies.. for the nice comment.. ooh yess and my buthole surfer elektra-slover ofcourse haha
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Wishing to You all your desires come true in this 2019 year! You are very nice person! You deserve wonderful, happy, wet life ;-) :-* Kisses ....& huggs.... Your Lady)
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ahahah very nice thanks💗💗💗💗
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Ttikhomirov: because i cant write a comment at your wall.. well i write here you are such a damn hot sexy lady.. in all ways u drive me nuts haha.. Ttikhomirov: pentru că eu cant scrie un comentariu la perete .. bine i scrie aici sunteți o astfel de doamnă la naiba sexy fierbinte .. în toate modurile u unitate mine nuci haha ..
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Sooo sweet of you, thank you baby xx
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hahaha )))) hahahahahaaaaa)))
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Thank you my funny friend for always being so kind to me. Thank you for always making me laugh with your bad jokes, hehe)) And special thank you for your lovely words on my wall. Kiss you***
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elektra..well you can kiss my ass haha u pervert. .somethimes i think i am the only normal horny barboon here hahahahha
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let me caress your ass LOL